How many emails I can forward per day?

Paid versions of Multi Email Forward can forward an unlimited number of email messages. However, the forwarding of emails is throttled by Google: 500 emails per day for free G Suite / Gmail accounts and 2000 emails for paid G Suite / Gmail accounts. Details are here

How many emails I can migrate per day?

Paid versions of Multi Email Forward can migrate an unlimited number of email messages with a speed of up to 30K messages per day.

What is difference between migrate and forward?

Email migration is a process in which a large number of email messages are transferred from one email account to another email account. This process uses Google Gmail API to copy emails.

Email forwarding refers to the operation of resending email messages from your inbox to a different email address. It is used when you want to send emails to your CRM, colleague, etc. Email forwarding will not preserve email meta-data (such as labels).

More details are here.

How many messages can be added to the forward queue at once?

The free version of Multi Email Forward limits the size of the forward queue to 50 emails. However, the paid version does not have any limits.

What are the limitation and requirements for migration?

The main requirement for migration is that IMAP must be enabled for the account and the label you are migrating. Details are here.

Can I use Multi Email Forward (bulk forward) to migrate my historic emails to HubSpot?

Yes. Multi Email Forward fully supports the migration of emails from Gmail into HubSpot. The instructions on how to do that are here.