Video: How to create a clickable button in your Gmail emails

The video demonstrates enhancing email engagement through Gmail Button, enabling the addition of clickable buttons that can significantly improve click-through rates. Clickable buttons are 67% more likely to be clicked than plain links. Gmail Button facilitates the creation and customization of these buttons, allowing users to insert and align them in emails and direct recipients to various online resources.

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Getting started with Gmail Button

Create a button in your email to get more clicks with Gmail Button
Did you know that you have 67% more of a chance that someone will click on a button in your email, than if you sent them a simple link?

With Gmail Button, you can create a button easily in about 30 seconds. You’ll be able to make sure that your button has its own:
✅ URL link
✅ Background color
✅ Text color
✅ Border color
✅ Border size

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