How to add unsubscribe link to MailKing or Gmail Auto Follow Up campaign

Text-only email campaigns To add an unsubscribe link to text-only MailKing or Gmail Auto Follow Up campaigns (campaigns that send text-only email templates), then click on Merge tag and then select Unsubscribe Link HTML designed email campaigns (for marketing emails) You can unsubscribe link to HTML-designed email MailKing, or Gmail Auto Follow Up campaigns (HTML-designed […]

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Getting Started with Merge Tags for Email

A merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert unique user data (first name, last name, etc.) into emails. In other words, you can use merge tags to insert personalized or dynamic content into the campaigns you send. Merge tag example For example, to include your contacts’ email addresses in your […]

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Gmail Auto Follow Up: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does the follow-up emails get sent as a reply to the original one or all they all sent as new emails?
  • Can I schedule a campaign to be sent out later at a certain time?
  • Am I able to send bulk emails? Or are these sent individually?
  • How does Gmail Auto Follow Up handle out-of-office email message reply?
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How to create a campaign with automatic follow-ups

Gmail Auto Follow Up service allows you to create your own auto follow up campaigns. Here is how to do that: Click on Auto Follow Up button and dialog to create a campaign will open (if you’ve been using Auto Follow Up for previous campaigns, click on New Auto Follow Up Campaign): Give your campaign […]

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How to set up auto follow up on individual emails

Gmail Auto Follow Up service allows you to follow up on emails automatically with your own follow-up templates. Here is how to do that: Once Gmail Auto Follow Up installed your compose your email shoudl have a ‘lightning A’ or auto follow up button. After you finished your email click the ‘lightning A’ or auto […]

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How do I map fields to be merged from my CSV into my emails?

MailKing and Gmail Auto Follow Up are two of cloudHQ’s Chrome extensions that can parse CSV and Excel files as the source of merged data. How does it work? cloudHQ will map columns’ names from your CSV/Excel to merge tags. The merge tags will then be added to the Merge Tags Menu. You can also […]

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How to send preview email for your email campaign

Different email programs display your HTML email differently, so we recommend you preview and test your campaign content before you send. In this article, you’ll learn how to preview your campaign in MailKing’s preview mode, and how to send test emails. In Email Campaign Editor, click on Preview tab: Select recipient from the list on […]

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