Getting Started with Gmail Auto Follow Up

Automated follow up emails and mail merge
Gmail Auto Follow Up is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you follow up with your clients or prospects. Just set up a sequence of emails to send to your prospects over time from your Gmail.

✅ Take advantage of all your opportunities and close more business.
✅ Save time and get more done with automated outreach emails to prospects.
✅ Always be visible to your clients in their inbox.

To find out more about Gmail Auto Follow Up, click here..
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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How to create a campaign with automatic follow-ups

To find out more about Gmail Auto Follow Up by cloudHQ, click here. To install Gmail Auto Follow Up by cloudHQ chrome extension, click here. To access the Gmail Auto Follow Up dashboard, click here. Gmail Auto Follow Up service allows you to create your own auto follow up campaigns. Here is how to do […]

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Getting started with merge tags for email

A merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert unique user data (first name, last name, etc.) into emails. In other words, you can use merge tags to insert personalized or dynamic content into the campaigns you send. Merge tag example For example, to include your contacts’ email addresses in your […]

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What are bounced emails?

Bounced emails result from permanent (hard) or temporary (soft) delivery issues, like invalid addresses or server downtime. To protect email reputation in marketing campaigns, it’s vital to monitor bounce rates and remove addresses causing hard bounces.

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Risks and considerations when purchasing email lists

Purchasing email lists can lead to various challenges, including legal issues, reputational damage, and potential breaches of email marketing platforms’ policies. Such lists may also contain unfamiliar recipients, leading to higher bounce rates and flagged spam concerns. Instead of buying lists, it’s advisable to organically grow your email base, focusing on quality content and utilizing tools like Export Emails to Sheets to streamline and manage the process. This approach not only ensures better email deliverability but also bolsters sender reputation, driving more successful email campaigns.

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