How many emails can I export with the Premium Plan?
For Premium Plan users, we do not limit the number of emails which can be parsed and expoted. In short, you can save an unlimited number of email messages with the Premium Plan for Export Emails to Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets.

Can I automate export emails so that new emails are automatically added to my spreadsheet?
Yes. Just select to save a label and enable option Enable of continuous saving of email messages

Can I parse attachments (like PDFs)?
Yes. Export Emails to Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets parser will parse and extract data also the following following attachments types:

  1. MS Excel attachments
  2. MS Word attachments
  3. Txt and HTML attachments
  4. PDF attachments
  5. CSV attachments

Can I modify Google spreadsheet crated by export?
Yes – you can modify the spreadsheet without affecting the current job. However, only the following operation are allowed:

  1. add new columns at the end
  2. hide of the columns
  3. formating of the cells
  4. creating extra sheets

The following operations are not supported:

  1. remove of the columns
  2. remove of the rows

Can I parse cells (like Subject, text, etc.) in Google Sheet?
Yes – you can. The following support notes have some examples on how to that: