Getting started with Tiny Sketchbook

Tiny Sketchbook | Sketch in Chrome offers the following:
✔️ Touch screen support
✔️ Include rectangular boxes or lines
✔️ Include circle
✔️ Fill
✔️ Write text
✔️ Pen with different sizes
✔️ Save as PDF, PNG, etc.
✔️ One-click attach to Gmail message
✔️ Save screenshots to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
✔️ Share and collaborate on your drawing

To find out more about Tiny Sketchbook, click here.
To install Tiny Sketchbook, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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Video: How to create doodle art drawing and sketches in Chrome

The video demonstrates how to synchronize documents from Google Team Drive to other cloud services like Dropbox. It outlines the process of opening a desired file to sync, using the “Save To” button to initiate syncing, and selecting a destination such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, or Dropbox. The tutorial specifically explains syncing a Google Doc to Dropbox. Sync functionality allows for continuous updates and backups of various documents. The video ends by confirming the successful saving of files and notes CloudHQ’s contribution to productivity.

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