Getting started with Save Emails as PDF Chrome Extension (How to save emails as PDF)

Save Emails as PDF offers the following:

✔️ Merge multiple email messages into one PDF to send it to your lawyer
✔️ Send all of your e-receipts, in 1 pdf to your accountant
✔️ Package all your email messages and then upload them into your CRM
✔️ Create a hard copy backup of your emails for your own records

To find out more about Save Emails as PDF, click Save Emails as PDF.


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How to save just one email in Gmail conversation

To learn more about the Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ, visit the Save Emails as PDF website. To install the extension or add-on, choose from the links below: Download Save Emails as PDF for Chrome Download Save Emails as PDF for Microsoft Edge Install Save Emails as PDF Workspace Add-on Introduction Differences between Save […]

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Legal email collection and Save Emails as PDF / Export Emails to Sheets

One of the challenges is the collection and producing email evidence to use in criminal litigation or civil litigation.

It is very important that email evidence are collected and packaged in a lawful, repeatable, and defensible manner. If they are not, they may not be admissible in court. Export Emails to Sheets by cloudHQ and Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ are two cloudHQ app that can collect emails and create PDF documents admissible as a legal document or evidence in courts.

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Handling Sunshine Law requests and Save Emails as PDF

The Sunshine Act, enacted in 1976, introduced federal sunshine laws intending to instil transparency in federal government agencies by requiring meetings, records, votes, deliberations, and other official actions to be open to public scrutiny. Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ can streamline the process of converting and managing email records for Sunshine Law requests, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and the integrity of the information shared.

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Video: How to convert and send Gmail emails as PDFs

The video shows how to use a Gmail toolbar extension to save and send emails as PDFs. Features include saving individual or multiple emails, custom and default PDF settings, automatic conversion notifications, and easy sharing through Gmail. The tool also allows users to download email addresses as a CSV file to create mailing lists.

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Video: How to save emails as PDF

This video tutorial guides users through a step-by-step process of saving and sending Gmail emails as PDF files using a browser extension, along with several additional features to improve productivity.

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