Getting started with ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google Search add-on offers ChatGPT responses in conjunction with Google search results, enhancing your search experience. It also facilitates a summary of Google search results when employing the ChatGPT platform, a feature particularly useful for obtaining information post-September 2021. Essentially, this extension broadens and updates your access to information. Experience the enhanced capabilities of our extension, which seamlessly integrates ChatGPT and Google search results:

✅ Receive ChatGPT responses directly within your Google search results
✅ Stay up to date with accurate data beyond 2021, provided by ChatGPT’s native platform
✅ Enjoy a comprehensive display of information by combining Google search results with ChatGPT query results
✅ Effortlessly access two reliable sources of information

To learn more about ChatGPT for Google, click here.
To install ChatGPT for Google, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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How can I use my own OpenAI API key?

To use your OpenAI API keys with ChatGPT for Gmail, follow these three steps: Go to to get your OpenAI key, click on the ChatGPT for Gmail icon, and enter your API key while selecting an OpenAI model.

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How to Use Midjourney to Create AI-Generated Images: A Step-by-Step Guide

This support note provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Midjourney, an AI image generator available through Discord. It offers guidance on creating and refining AI-generated images based on textual prompts and suggests using detailed prompts, experimenting with parameters, and consulting Midjourney’s documentation to improve image results. The note emphasizes the importance of creativity and inspiration and encourages users to have fun while exploring the platform.

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Video: How to enhance Google search results with ChatGPT for Google

The video highlights the ChatGPT for Google app by CloudHQ, which enhances Google searches with AI-generated responses. It integrates directly into the search page, offers easily digestible summaries, and allows for ChatGPT prompts without leaving the browser. The app uses natural language processing to provide relevant answers, includes current data in its responses, and aims to boost user productivity by simplifying information access.

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What is ChatGPT prompt library

The ChatGPT Prompt Library offers an array of pre-crafted queries and inspirations to enhance your interaction with ChatGPT. It’s designed to assist in various activities, including storytelling, acquiring knowledge, or seeking guidance.

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