If you are using Multi Email Forward to forward a very large number of emails please be aware of the following limitations.

Daily Sending Limits (imposed by Gmail)

NOTE: Email migration is NOT affected by Gmail Daily Sending Limits limits. So if you are looking for a solution to migrate large number of emails lease check this support note which explains how to migrate emails using Multi Email Forward.
  • Free Gmail and trial Google Apps accounts have sending limit of 500 messages per day.
  • Paid Google Apps accounts have the limit of 2000 messages per day.

Here is the explanation of Google Apps Gmail sending limits:
https://support.google.com/a/answer/166852 (see Daily sending limit section)

Google resets this limit every 24 hours.
Note that you can still queue more messages (add them to forward queue) – but cloudHQ can only forward emails once the limit has been reset by Google.

Size of the Forward Queue

The size of the forward queue for paid accounts is unlimited.
The size of the forward queue for free accounts is 50 emails.

How many messages can be added to the forward queue at once?

Multi Email Forward does not have limits on how many emails can be added to the forward queue.