Can I schedule a campaign to be sent out later at a certain time?

Yes – you can.

Does MailKing saves email address lists for future use again?

Yes. The email list is saved as part of your campaign. To sent campaign to same set of users just clone your existing campaign:

>Does MailKing supports Constant Contacts, HubSpot or other templates?

We do not have support for Campaign Monitor but you can convert any email to a template (i.e., send a test email to you and then convert it cloudHQ/ Gmail template). Please watch the video here:

How does MailKing handle bounced email messages?

cloudHQ has an intelligent algorithm to recognize “bounced” email messages. The email addresses which are bounced will be automatically added to


Can I personalize subject lines?

Yes – you can add merge tags to your subject. So if you have subject like like this: 

Email sent to *|EMAIL|* 

Then the subject will be replaced with an email merge tag (cell from column named Email).