Can I create email campaign directly from a Google spreadheet?

Yes – you can. To achieve that install the MailKing Google Sheets add-on from here.

Can I schedule a campaign to be sent out later at a certain time?

Yes – you can. A short support note explaining how do that is here.

Does MailKing saves email address lists for future use again?

Yes. The email list is saved as part of your campaign. To send a follow-up campaign to the same set of users, just clone your existing campaign. The support note explaining how to do that is here.

Does MailKing supports Constant Contacts, HubSpot or other templates?

We do not have support for Campaign Monitor, but you can convert any email to a template (i.e., send a test email to you and then convert it cloudHQ/ Gmail template). Please watch the video here:

How does MailKing handle bounced email messages?

cloudHQ has an intelligent algorithm to recognize “bounced” email messages. All email addresses which are bounced will be automatically added to your Suppression/Unsubscribe list. When an email address is in the suppression/unsubscribe list, your campaigns will never be sent to that email address. You can manage your unsubscribes and suppressed email addresses by clicking on the Unsubscribe tab.

Can I personalize subject lines?

Yes – you can add merge tags to your subject. So if you have a subject like like this: 

Email sent to *|EMAIL|* 

Then the subject will be replaced with an email merge tag (cell from the column named Email).

How does MailKing send your emails?

The MailKing sends emails using your own Gmail account and not a 3rd party email server that other email marketing software use.

The MailKing acts as an automated replacement for you manually sending out emails one by one from your Gmail account. All send email messages are 100% the same as emails you would personally send via Gmail. In other words, your recipients (and spam filters) cannot distinguish email messages sent manually through Gmail from email messages sent via MailKing.

Why do email messages sent by MailKing have better delivery than MailChimp, ConstantContant, or similar services?

MailKing sends emails through your Google Gmail / Google Workspace account. You can imagine Mailking as someone sitting in front of your Gmail and sending emails. Thus, your recipients (and spam filters) cannot distinguish email messages sent manually through Gmail from email messages sent via MailKing.

Because of the above, the delivery rate of your message is much, much better: your emails will not go automatically into the Promotion folder, be marked as spam, etc. In other words, a major benefit of sending your email campaigns using MailKing is that your emails are not normally flagged as spam.

How can I find all users who unsubscribed from my campaign?

You can easily do that by going to the MailKing dashboard and clicking on the Unsubscribed tab. More details on this top can be found here: ….

Do you have tips or suggestion how to ensure that my emails do not go into spam

Yes. We have some suggestions and tips. Please read details here.

Can I schedule sending of messages using the MailKing campaign manager?

Yes, you can. MailKing campaign manager provides an option to schedule your campaigns. You can select the day, date, and time when you want the message to be sent.
Click the show advanced settings in your editor, and select the “Schedule campaign to be started at a specified time (your timezone).”

I have a question but I cannot find answer

Please check the support section here. If you still cannot find a support note or answer to your request, please email us at

What distinguishes between the MailKing marketing campaign manager and Gmail Templates by cloudHQ?

The MailKing marketing campaign manager and Gmail Templates by differ in their primary functions and features. While Gmail Templates provides pre-built email templates that can be customized and inserted into emails, MailKing is a comprehensive marketing campaign management solution that allows you to create, schedule, and track email campaigns. MailKing also offers email and text campaign functionality. Notably, MailKing can also incorporate the email templates created by Gmail Templates, giving you even more flexibility and options for your campaigns.

Does cloudHQ's MailKing Campaign Manager send email messages to multiple users by adding email addresses to the BCC field?

No, cloudHQ’s MailKing Campaign Manager does not send email messages by adding multiple email addresses to the BCC field. Instead, MailKing ensures a more personalized touch by sending individual emails to each recipient. This not only enhances email deliverability but also ensures that each recipient receives a tailored experience, preventing the appearance of a mass email. Rest assured, your emails will be sent individually to each of your chosen recipients.