NOTE: If you are not using cloudHQ Multi Email Forward extension, please read the following support note: How to migrate all emails from one Gmail account to another using cloudHQ website wizard.
NOTE: Instructions on how to install the Multi Email Forward Chrome extension are here.

cloudHQ Multi Email Forward for Gmail is an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you quickly set up email migration from one Gmail account to another. The migration is done 100% in the background and you don’t need to have your PC running at all.

The migration process will ensure that your new Gmail account is an exact and up-to-date copy of your original one:

  1. All email labels will be preserved and replicated.
  2. All email dates and other metadata (such as sender, cc, etc.) will be preserved.
  3. All email flags (such as unread, important, etc.) will be preserved.
  4. Migration is continuous. You can use both email accounts, and cloudHQ will ensure that all new emails arriving in your old Gmail account are automatically replicated in your new account.

The migration setup will create a cloudHQ sync pair like this:

Gmail ( -> Gmail (
    Here are the steps showing how to migrate all emails:

  1. Login into Gmail account which is the source of your migration
  2. Go to All Mail in Gmail to see all of your emails in one place:
    chrome extension
  3. Tick the Select box in the toolbar:
    chrome extension
  4. Once all emails on the page have been selected, a message will appear at the top asking if you want to select all conversations in All Mail. Click on the message to do so:
    chrome extension
  5. Click the Multi Email Foward button in the toolbar and select Migrate all emails in the dropdown menu that appears:
    chrome extension
  6. Input a destination email address in the forward window and press Enter or Tab so that the email is marked blue. Please note that you can only input one recipient at a time. Click Setup Gmail to Gmail migration:
    chrome extension
  7. Sign in to your Google destination account (e.g., if you are migrating to, then sign in as
    chrome extension
  8. Sign in with Google:
    chrome extension
  9. Confirm the request for cloudHQ to access your destination Google Gmail account:
    chrome extension
  10. Gmail migration sync pair will be created and you will see the following:
    chrome extension
  11. If you want to check on the status of the migration, see the support note here: How to Monitor Status of Sync.
  12. You will receive an email to confirm the success of the initial migration.