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This article is about MailKing Google Sheet add-on. If you want to use MailKing Chrome extension (which works from Gmail) then please refer to this article.

MailKing Google Sheets add-on allows you to send mass emails directly from a Google spreadsheet. The emails are sent directly from your Gmail or Google Workspace accounts. This is great for you as the sender because your emails will not be automatically marked as “Promotion” (which is one of the main problems with MailChimp or other dedicated mass mailing systems). Instead, they will actually come from your own email account.

Read on below for instructions on how to use MailKing Google Sheets add-on to send your email campaigns:

Install MailKing Google Sheet add-on

Let’s start right at the beginning. Install MailKing Google Sheets add-on the Google Workspace Marketplace and that MailKing will be integrated with your Google Sheets.

  1. Install MailKing Google Sheets add-on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Go here: here and click on Install or Domain Install. Clicking on Domain Install make add-on available to all Google Workspace users.
  2. Now you’ve got MailKing add-on installed, go ahead and open a new Google Sheets (click here). You will notice that MailKing – Mail Merge for Gmail will appeared under Extensions or Add-Ons drop-down:

Create an email address list

Once you’ve got the blank Google spreadsheet in front of you, you’ll need to make a mailing list of the audience you want to send an email to. You can do this manually yourself as a table or you can just import an existing contact list onto the sheet. To import your recipients, simply click on Menu -> File -> Import, and pick out your mailing list from your computer. Files can be in Excel or .csv formats.

But let’s add them manually …

  1. Add column headers. You should have at least one that contains the email addresses of your contacts – call this column email. Having column headers for your contacts lists enables Mailking to personalize your email messages: each column will become a merge tag. So you can have: FirstName, Name, Company, etc. Here is an example of the columns:
  2. Add rows with contacts’ informationHere you’ll need to add all of the data you have for your recipients into your table under the appropriate columns.

Create Email Campaign

This is where the MailKing add-on comes in. We will create an email campaign – this will not send emails yet.

  1. Click on the Extensions or Add-Ons drop-down and select Mail Merge for Gmail > Create Campaign:
  2. You will be forwarded to cloudHQ. If you do not have a cloudHQ you will be asked to create one.
  3. Once we’ve got to this point, you’ll need to write template / email you want to send and set the email subject.
    1. If you’d like to work from a pre-designed template, Gmail draft, or your own template, click on Choose Template… to choose from our template selection.
    2. If you’d like to write email from the scratch click on Blank Template.

  4. Select the Preview tab to verify and preview your email in multiple formats:
    • Mobile preview
    • Desktop preview
    • Sent test email

  5. Send your campaign:

Watch this short video to understand even better how to work with MailKing.