If you’re managing a team on cloudHQ, you can control your team through the cloudHQ admin console. To manage your team members, just click on the “Users” tab.

There are three types of users:

  1. Users with a cloudHQ account that you, as an admin, can access.
  2. Users with a cloudHQ account but you don’t have permission to access or manage their account.
  3. Users without a cloudHQ account, but their data or account is backed up, synced, or migrated.

Here’s how to handle common tasks:

  1. Inviting users to your cloudHQ team
  2. Adding users as a Workspace admin
  3. How to install cloudHQ extensions on your employee’s Chrome browsers
  4. Removing users from your cloudHQ team
  5. Canceling shares by a user no longer in your Google Workspace domain
  6. Logging into a user’s cloudHQ account to manage their settings