Getting started with Outlook Email Templates

Access over 1000 free, professionally-designed email templates to boost your click-through rates. Easily integrate them directly into your Outlook compose window.
How to use:

1️⃣ Install the extension.
2️⃣ Visit your Office 365 or Outlook email.
3️⃣ Hit “Compose”.
4️⃣ Click “Browse Templates”.
5️⃣ Choose, edit, and send your email.

Perfect for: Newsletters, Sales, Invitations, Greetings, Event reminders, Common responses, Business, Education, Job-seeking, Legal, Marketing, Classes, Real estate, and more.

Enjoy our ever-growing, free template library.

To find out more about Gmail Email Templates, click here.
To install Outlook Email Templates on Chrome, click here.
To install Outlook Email Templates on MS Edge, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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