To sync or backup with Amazon S3, you first need to create an appropriate Amazon S3 bucket, Amazon AWS IAM user, and (optionally) configure Amazon Glacier policies for your backup bucket.

  1. Create Amazon S3 bucket for sync and backup.
    If you are looking for Amazon S3 encrypted backups, you will need to attach an AWS policy that will enforce AWS server-side encryption. The instructions are here:
  2. Create an Amazon AWS IAM user to own this backup. Instructions are here:
  3. Optionally, you can set up Amazon S3 to Amazon Glacier archiving rules. Instructions are here:
  4. After you do the above, you can add (authorize) your Amazon S3 account to cloudHQ:
    1. Log in to cloudHQ
    2. Go to the Cloud Accounts tab
    3. Click on the Amazon S3 icon
    4. Enter credentials