To find out more about Export Emails to Google Sheets by cloudHQ, click here.
To install Export Emails to Google Sheets, click here.
To start wizard to export emails to Google Sheets, click here.

Export Emails to Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV allows to extract important information from your email messages. You can extract automatically extract text from emails, you can extract email addresses, parse Google alerts, extract tracked emails, etc.

To install this extension please follow the following steps:

  1. Install the extension here by clicking Add to Chrome:
    Get Export Emails to Sheets
  2. Click Add extension in the dialog box. Add Extension - Export to Sheets
  3. Once installed, you will be forwarded to your Gmail. You’ll see a modal dialog box asking you to create an account. Click Create Account:
    Create Account - Export to Sheets
  4. After you’re finished creating the account, you can parse, backup or process your email messages to Google Sheets. The easiest way is to start the wizard.
    To start wizard for Export Emails to Sheets do the following:

    1. Click on the cloudHQ icon in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail
    2. Click on the Go to Dashboard button
    3. Click on the Export Emails to Sheets icon.
    4. Click on Start Wizard for Export Emails to Sheets

How to use Export Emails to Google Sheets to parse email messages

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FAQ and Troubleshooting

  1. Export Emails to Google Sheets: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. Troubleshooting

parse emails; An email parser is a piece of software that allows you to extract data from incoming emails