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General Troubleshooting

For problems with the Export Emails to Sheets extension, first check general troubleshooting steps: How to troubleshoot Google Chrome extensions

Problems with starting export job from Gmail interface

Filter cannot be created

At times, our system may not be able to automatically generate a filter and initiate the job.
The problem is probably caused by incorrect filter syntax. So please check the following Google support note Advanced Gmail filters

Should this occur, the alternative is to created a label using the desired filter, and then proceed to launch the Export Emails to Sheets wizard to transfer that label. The instructions on how create filters in Gmail can found here: Gmail labels and filters: tutorial and a step-by-step guide

For further guidance on executing the wizard, please refer to the support documents: How to back up or save a Gmail label to a Google spreadsheet or Wizard to export emails to Google Sheets.

Problem with running jobs

Emails are not getting exported

There could be several reasons why your export jobs are not working. Here’s what to check:

  1. Make sure the emails are still under the correct labels. Changes to Gmail labels or filters could affect how your export jobs are set up.
  2. Check if the email format has changed if you’re extracting data. You can modify your rules by following the instructions here: Email parsing: How to adjust your parsing rules directly from spreadsheet
  3. If you’ve recently updated your Google password or made changes to your account’s security settings, you might need to reconnect your Google account to cloudHQ.