Can I set up automatic saving of emails to Google Drive without the chrome extension?

Yes. You can automatically save emails to Google Drive without the chrome extension. Just go to our website and start the wizard. The instructions on how to that are here.

What kind of attachments can be embeded into PDF?

Save Emails to Google Drive can embed the following attachments into PDF:

  1. Excel files
  2. MS Word attachments
  3. Txt and HTML attachments
  4. PDF attachments
  5. Image attachments

What are the limitations of Save emails to Google Drive?

The main limitation is that saving labels and continuously saving emails require IMAP to be enabled and the label selected to save needs to be “shown in IMAP” selected. Please check this support note about limitations.

Can extension Save Emails to Google Drive save email messages to Google Team Drive folder?

Yes – this extension can save emails to any Google Team Drive folder.

Can I backup all my email message to Google Drive so they are organized by labels?

Yes – that is possible. You just need to select Backup all emails to Google Drive (organized by labels):

Can I save only attachment?

Yes – you can save only attachments. To do that just Save only attachments in the options dialog:

How many emails can I save with the Premium Plan?

For Premium Plan users, we do not limit the number of emails that can be saved to Google Drive. You can save an unlimited number of email messages with the Premium Plan for Save Emails to Google Drive.

Can I automate my save to Google Drive?

How to save attachment only