NOTE: If you want to save a single email to Google Drive, please check the following support note: How to save a single email or conversaion to your Google Drive.

cloudHQ Save emails to Google Drive can save all emails in a label and sub-labels to Google Drive or Google Team Drive folder.
For example, if you have a label called Support and that label has sub-labels Open tickets and Closed tickets, then you can with one click save all emails in labels Support, Support/Open tickets and Support/Closed tickets to a Google Drive folder called Support.

Here are how to do that:

  1. Open your Gmail and go to the left side of your inbox and find the label you want to save to Google Drive. If you cannot find the label, scroll down, and click on More and the list will expand. Move to the label’s name. Click ‘More‘. The menu will appear. Select ‘Save label to Google Drive…‘:
    chrome extension

  2. Select Google drive folder and click “Save” button:
    chrome extension

  3. The new folder named Gmail is created. The following options are available:
  4. When options are selected, click ‘Save‘ button:
    chrome extension

  5. The process of saving emails to your OneDrive is started. We will continue saving emails in the background even if you close this dialog, browser, or PC. We will send you an email when the background process is completed.
    chrome extension

Save labels to Google Drive; convert all label emails to Google Drive; convert sublabels to PDF; save