If you enable the option Continuous saving of email messages then it means that a new email message inside the label or matching the search filter will be automatically exported and saved into your folder. Essentially, with this option enabled, any new emails added to the Label in question will be automatically and immediately saved to Google Drive without any manual intervention. This ensures that your Google Drive (or Dropbox, Box) folder is constantly updated with the latest emails from the specified label in Gmail.

For example, if you setup Continuous saving of email messages of the label Support to Drive folder called Support, then as soon as you add email to the label Leads the email will be added into Drive Support folder.

To summarize, enabling Continuous saving of email messages automatically exports new emails received under a specific Gmail label or matching a search filter directly into a designated Google Drive folder, thereby keeping the folder up-to-date with the latest emails without needing manual transfers. For instance, emails labeled “Support” in Gmail would be automatically saved to the “Support” folder in your cloud storage.

The continuous job can be paused or aborted via the dashboard.

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