How to remove default Google Hangout from calendars?

Sometimes, Google will add the Google Meet invite to Google Calendar invites. Here is how to remove default Google Hangouts:

Can I have multiple Google Calendars?

Yes, you can have multiple Google Calendars. Instructions on how to configure them use them are in the following support notes:

Can I preview my invite?

Yes – each invite can be previewed. Just click on the invite link, then click on Preview this invite.

Can I change and customise my invite page?

Yes – you can change text, upload your logo, etc. To do that just go Meeting Scheduler Dashboard and then click on the button Personalize Invite Page.

What are the steps to set up the meeting duration and travel time (buffer) in the Meeting Scheduler using CloudHQ?

The steps to set up meeting duration and travel time (buffer) in the Meeting Scheduler using CloudHQ are explained here

How can I remove the automated 'google hangout' link appears when a meeting is booked?

When you create a new event, Google Calendar automatically generates a Hangout link in the meeting details. Although cloudHQ does not have direct control over this functionality, you can prevent the creation of video call links by modifying your Google Calendar settings. Deselect the option “Automatically add video calls to events I create” if you prefer not to have Hangout links included in your events. For further clarification, consult the support article found at Why is Google Meet / Hangout conferencing added to all of my meeting invites?.

Can I add static zoom link or my personal Zoom link to the meeting invite?

You – you can add static zoom link to your meeting invites. Just go to and find your static link and then add it to the location field in the Meeting Scheduler dialog. For more isntructions please check support article What is Zoom personal link URL? How to add it to my meeting invites?

I appear as unavailable even though I've set myself as available for that day. What's the solution?

I have updated my availability for my book me link, but nothing is saving even after I select save. How can I solve this?The meeting scheduler displays when you’re free by looking at both your Google Calendar availability and the times you picked when sending the invite. Simply put, you’ll only appear available if your Google Calendar shows you’re free and you’ve chosen that time in your invitation. The important thing is to make sure you’re marked as available in your Google Calendar first. If you’re not available there, you won’t appear as available in the Meeting Scheduler.
To fix any issues, follow these steps:

  1. Identify which Google Calendars are being used to determine your availability (navigate to the dashboard and click on Setup Google Calendar Availability).
  2. Check these Google Calendars to confirm your availability – you might find out you’re actually not available, possibly due to an all-day event marked as “busy” or something similar.

If that doesn’t work, it could mean availability wasn’t saved correctly. Try this: remove all available days so nothing is open, save it, then add the days back and save the times again.