What is PDF?

PDF is short for Portable Document Format. As the name indicated, this is a file format: the structure of a file that tells a program how to display its contents. You can learn more about PDF format here.

How many emails can I save to PDF file with the Premium Plan?

For Premium Plan users, we do not limit the number of emails that can be converted to PDF. You can save an unlimited number of email messages with the Premium Plan .

Can I remove all quoted text in replies and forwards?

Quote Selected Text is part of Gmail Labs. With this feature activated, any text you highlight in a message will be quoted when you begin your reply, but it is possible to remove it. Just select the option Remove all quoted text in replies and forwards:

Can I encrypt my PDFs?

Yes. To encrypt PDFs, just enable the option Encrypt your PDF with password in the configuration settings:

Can I merge all emails into one PDF file?

Yes. To merge all emails into one PDF file, select the option Merge all conversations into one PDF in the configuration settings:

Are PDFs admissible as a legal document in courts?

Yes. The PDFs will contain unaltered email messages. Thus, they are admissible as legal documents in courts.

What kind of attachments can be embedded into PDF?

Save Emails as PDF can embed the following attachments into PDF:

  1. Excel files
  2. MS Word attachments
  3. Txt and HTML attachments
  4. PDF attachments
  5. Image attachments

How to download packages created by Save Emails as PDF?

Detailed instructions on how to download packages by Save Emails as PDF can be found here.

Can I share a package created by Save Emails as PDF?

Yes – you can. Detailed instructions on how to share packages by Save Emails as PDF can be found here.

Can I save an email as a PDF Document?

Even though there is no built-in way to export an email to PDF in Gmail, cloudHQ solves this as explained in the following support note How to save and convert a single email to PDF (in Gmail).

I'm getting error "Too many parallel requests. Job aborted."

This error typically occurs when the system is handling many parallel requests for your account (basically we detected Denial of Service attack).
If you are trying to save large number of emails, then instead saving each one individually, do the following:

  1. Create a label with all emails you want to save
  2. Run wizard to save all emails in the label

Does Save Emails to PDF have administrative (Google Workspace admin) portal?

Yes – Save Emails as PDF have a administrative portal which allow admin to: 1) Control end-user jobs 2) Manage end-user downloads and exports 3) Add or remove users 4) control licences.
More instructions how to setup Save Emails as PDF for Teams and admin integration can be found in support note: How to setup Save Emails as PDF for Teams

Does Save Emails as PDF feature include Gmail Notes attached to an email in the PDF export?

Certainly! When using cloudHQ’s Save Emails as PDF tool, it efficiently includes any Gmail Notes that are attached to a specific email message in the PDF export. This feature ensures that all your important annotations and additional information added through Gmail Notes are preserved in the PDF, providing a comprehensive and accurate representation of your email content for easy reference and archiving.

What is difference between Save Emails as PDF Add-on and Save Emails as PDF chrome extension?

The benefits of the workspace add-on include:

  1. An admin can install the add-on for all employees, so they don’t have to install the Chrome extension themselves.
  2. You can convert emails to PDFs using a mobile phone.
  3. You can add emails to an existing PDF file.

However, the workspace add-on does not support exporting an entire email label to PDF or performing other complex exports. For these more advanced PDF conversions of your emails, you will need to use our Chrome extension or our wizard.

How can I convert emails to PDF on my mobile phone (iPhone or Android)?

To save your emails as PDFs on your mobile phone, you need to download the Save Emails as PDF workspace add-on. Follow the steps outlined in the support note Getting started with Save Emails as PDF workspace add-on (How to save an email as PDF on mobile) for guidance.

How can I use Save Emails as PDF with Gmail delegated accounts?

“Save Emails as PDF” does work delegated Gmail accounts. To make it working, the primary account holder’s cloudHQ account needs to switch to a password-based authentication method. After this switch, the primary account holder can share the cloudHQ username and password with you securely, enabling you to log in and use the extension under the delegated account.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The primary account holder installs the cloudHQ Chrome extension and creates a cloudHQ account.
  2. The primary account holder should email support@cloudHQ.net so that we can convert the primary account’s cloudHQ authentication method to username and password.
  3. The primary account holder should then share the cloudHQ username and password with the delegated user using a secure method.
  4. The delegated user should install the cloudHQ Chrome extension. When using the primary account in Gmail, log in to cloudHQ using the provided credentials.

This process should resolve the issue you’re facing and enable you to save emails as PDFs effectively.

For more detailed instructions on using cloudHQ Chrome extensions with delegated accounts, please refer to this support note:
How to Use cloudHQ Chrome Extensions with Delegated Accounts.

How can I save just one email in Gmail conversation?

I am failing to save just one message in an email chain.
Should you find yourself navigating through a Gmail conversation that consists of multiple email exchanges, yet your intent is purely to preserve a singular email from the entire thread, the process to achieve this is straightforward and user-friendly.
To save just one email from a Gmail conversation, do this:

  1. Open the email and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner (see screenshot:
  2. Choose Save only this message as PDF. Here’s how it looks:

How can I combine multiple emails into one PDF and share it from my phone?

How can I consolidate multiple emails into a single PDF and then share it via my smartphone?
To combine and share several emails as one PDF file on an Android or iPhone phone, follow these steps:

  1. First, download and install the Save Emails as PDF Google Workspace add-on here: Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ.
  2. Open the app and pick the emails you want to turn into a PDF. For each email, click on the PDF document you want to add (you might have to scroll). Here’s a guide on how to do it: How to Append Email to Existing PDF.
  3. Once you’ve added all the emails to your PDF, you can share it. Hit the Share button and select how or where to send your PDF. For tips on sharing, check out: Sharing Your PDF.

This method helps you organize and send out important email information in a tidy PDF format.

How can I save multiple emails as a TXT file?

To save several emails into a single TXT file, simply choose the Save conversations as Text option, as demonstrated in this screenshot: