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Sharing emails via Save Emails as PDF can offer various advantages in professional and personal settings. Here are several reasons to consider doing so:

Immutable Format: PDFs ensure content remains consistent, unlike alterable emails.
Compatibility: PDFs are widely recognized and accessible without specific email clients.
Reduces Clutter: Using PDFs avoids forwarding messy email threads.
File Organization: PDFs can be easily named, categorized, and archived.
Annotations and Highlights: PDF tools let users highlight, annotate, or redact for clarity.
Inclusion of Attachments: PDFs can incorporate email attachments, preserving context.
Protection: PDFs can be password-protected and have restricted permissions.

Save Emails as PDF allow you to share your emails with your:

⚖️ Lawyer: Sharing emails as PDF ensures they are in an accepted and unalterable format, suitable for court presentations as evidence.
💲 Accountant: Compiling your invoices and receipts into a single PDF or categorizing by provider streamlines financial documentation for clearer auditing and analysis.
📈 Clients: By converting email threads to PDF, you can provide clients with a consolidated view of project discussions, ensuring transparent communication.
🛠️ Colleagues: Distributing emails as PDFs allows for an efficient and consistent sharing of project-specific information, aiding in collaboration and clarity.

To share a package created by Save Emails as PDF to the following:

  1. Go to the Save Emails as PDF dashboard:
    Click a direct link
  2. Click on the share icon next to the package you want to share: