With cloudHQ, you can set up a real-time backup of all your OneDrive, Office 365 Mail, and Office 365 Contacts accounts to any cloud storage (Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Dropbox, etc.).

Real-time data backup will backup files by automatically making a backup copy of every change made to your OneDrive files.

This means that cloudHQ is capturing every version of your OneDrive files and saving them to your dedicated cloud storage. It allows the Office 365 administrator to restore data (or create a snapshot of your system) to any point in time. You can think about cloudHQ sync as a very powerful version of Apple Time Machine.

To set up a real-time backup of your OneDrive accounts, you need to create backup sync pairs that will back up each of your users’ OneDrive account to a dedicated folder. For example, it will look something like this:

OneDrive (bob@acme.com)   -> Amazon S3/Backup_bucket/bob@acme.com/OneDrive (bob@acme.com)
OneDrive (alice@acme.com) -> Amazon S3/Backup_bucket/alice@acme.com/OneDrive (alice@acme.com)
Office365 Mail (bob@acme.com) -> Amazon S3/Backup_bucket/bob@acme.com/Office365 Mail (bob@acme.com)

Supported Backup Storage Services

cloudHQ supports backup to the following cloud storage services:

  1. Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier
  2. Dropbox
  3. Box
  4. Google Drive
  5. Office 365 SharePoint
  6. Office 365 OneDrive Business
  7. OneDrive Personal
  8. Egnyte
  9. WebDAV

Setup Procedure

Here are the instructions for how to back up and consolidate all your Office 365 accounts to your cloud storage (i.e., Amazon S3):

  1. Install cloudHQ to your Office 365 domain.
  2. Prepare your backup storage.
  3. Set up a backup of Office 365 OneDrive accounts.
  4. Set up backup of Office 365 Mail accounts.
  5. Set up backup of Office 365 SharePoint Document libraries.