To migrate Office365 Sharepoint to Google Workspace Shared Drive you need to create one-way sync pairs like this:

Sharepoint (   -> Google Drive ( Drives/HR

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to sync from Office365 Sharepoint to Google Team Drive.

  • Go to
  • Authorize or select your Office 365 Sharepoint account:
  • Select the Office 365 Sharepoint document library or folder you want to migrate and then click on the Select button. Our browser shows SharePoint sites are shows SharePoint sites as first-level objects, document libraries are underneath, and then they are folders and sub-folders:
  • If you cannot find your SharePoint site and document library then click on Search or Enter Site URL and enter the URL of your SharePoint document library.
  • Authorize or select your Google Drive account (admin account which has access to your Shared Drive):
  • Select Google Shared Drive (click on Team Drives and select the shared drive):

  • Click on Start Sync to start migration job.