When creating sync pairs between cloud services in cloudHQ, you have the option to back up all files in the process.

To prevent accidental deletions, you can choose not to replicate deletion (which is selected by default), or you can choose to archive files before they are changed/deleted, giving you the opportunity to restore files if needed.

Here’s how to create a backup of your files as part of a sync pair:

  1. Go to the Sync & Integrate tab.
  2. To modify the options defined for the sync pair, click “Modify options“:
    Sync Pair Control
  3. Select “Archive files before they are changed or deleted by sync”:


  4. This means that each time cloudHQ replicates a file, the old version of that file is saved into cloudHQ_archive folder in the cloud service you’re using for your backup.

    Deleted files and folders are  moved into the cloudHQ_archive folder, which will be automatically created.

    The cloudHQ_archive folder essentially creates something similar to Apple Time Machine.

    Our archive function enables you to easily restore individual files or folders you may have changed or accidentally deleted. You can restore files from any point of time.