With cloudHQ you can set up a real-time backup of all your Google Drive accounts to any other cloud storage (Dropbox, etc.). Real-time data backup is backup of files by automatically making a backup copy of every change made to your Google Drive files. This means that cloudHQ is essentially capturing every version of your Dropbox files and saving them to your dedicated cloud storage. It allows the Google Apps administrator to restore data (or create a snapshot of your system) to any point in time. You can think about cloudHQ sync as very powerful version of Apple Time Machine.

These instructions show how to backup to Dropbox, Box, or other cloud account. If you are looking for instructions how to can back up your Google Drive accounts to Amazon S3 please check IT Admin: How to backup multiple Google Drive accounts to Amazon S3 / Glacier support note.

And to set up real-time backup of Google Drives you will need to create backup sync pairs (backup sync pairs are definition how to backup certain users) which will backup each of your users’ Google Drive account to a dedicated folder. For example, something like this:

Google Drive (bob@acme.com)   -> Dropbox/Backup_folder/Google Drive (bob@acme.com)
Google Drive (alice@acme.com) -> Dropbox/Backup_folder/Google Drive (alice@acme.com)


And here are step-by-step instructions how to setup backup of multiple Google Drive accounts:

Google Apps preparation:

Authorize cloudHQ to access your Google Apps domain


Authorize target cloud account (Dropbox, Box, etc.)

In order to backup to other cloud, cloudHQ needs to be authorized to access cloud account dedicated for backup.

Go to https://www.cloudHQ.net/services and click on the icon representing cloud storage:

Set up backup sync pairs

Now, it is time to create backup sync pairs.

  1. Start sync wizard
  2. Select “For IT Admins: Multiple Users Setup” as the type of sync:Google Apps
  3. Select “Google Apps” as your organization’s cloud platform:
    Google Apps
  4. Switch wizard to “backup” by clicking on “Switch to Backup”:
  5. Click the Google Drive icon for the account you want to back up, or drag the icon to the left empty box:Google Apps
  6. Choose which users have apps you want to sync. cloudHQ will get a list of users from your Google Apps and ask you which users you want to sync:
    Google Apps
  7. Click the icon where you want your backup archive, or drag the icon to the empty box on the right. You can choose to backup to the cloud storage service of your choosing: OneDrive Business, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Egnyte, Sugarsync, WebDAV, Yandex Disk, etc…

  8. Select folder where you want your backup:
  9. We will previde the backup setup. Verify folders and account. Click “Finish”:
  10. Backup sync pairs will be created in background:Google Apps
  11. As soon as all backup sync pairs are created you will be forwarded to sync and backup console where you can monitor the sync:
    Google Apps
  12. The support note How to Monitor Status of Sync and Backup has more details on how to monitor backup and sync status