When you enable the option to “archive files before they are deleted or modified,” cloudHQ will ensure all your data is protected in real-time. Everything is backed up in real-time, and nothing can be lost.

Real-time data protection is backing up files, emails, and other data by automatically making a backup copy of every change made to that data.

This means that cloudHQ is capturing every version of your data while ensuring the previous versions of your data is also backed up. This allows the user or administrator to restore data (or a snapshot of your system) to any point in time. You can think about cloudHQ sync as a very powerful version of Apple Time Machine.

Thanks to this technology, cloudHQ can create a snapshot of your data as it looked at any point if time.

How does this work?

Let’s assume that your sync pair looks like this:

Google Drive (bob@acme.com)   -> Amazon S3/backup_bucket

Let’s also assume that a file ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx is modified in Google Drive. As soon as the file is modified, cloudHQ will do the following:

  1. cloudHQ will create a folder called cloudHQ_archive under Amazon S3/backup_bucket.
  2. cloudHQ will create subfolders representing the date of a change of the document. You will end up having the folder created:
    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/cloudHQ_archive/2016/Jun 2016/01 Jun 2016 (wed)/2016-06-01T17_58_55
  3. cloudHQ will archive the old version of a file from its original location:
    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx

    to the archive folder:

    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/cloudHQ_archive/2016/Jun 2016/01 Jun 2016 (wed)/2016-06-01T17_58_55/ClientTemplates/

    The old version of the file will be:

    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/cloudHQ_archive/2016/Jun 2016/01 Jun 2016 (wed)/2016-06-01T17_58_55/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx
  4. cloudHQ will copy the file from:
    Google Drive (bob@acme.com)/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx


    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx
  5. At the end, you will have the following state. The most recent version of a file (the most recent backup) will be at the following location:
    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx

    The previous version of a file will be at the following location:

    Amazon S3/backup_bucket/cloudHQ_archive/2016/Jun 2016/01 Jun 2016 (wed)/2016-06-01T17_58_55/ClientTemplates/Contract_template.docx