How to troubleshoot Google Chrome extensions

Here are troubleshooting steps if you do not see cloudHQ chrome extension in your Gmail or see it, but the function is not working.
Check your browser and installed extensions.
Verify that Chrome Extension is installed and enabled.
Ensure that permissions requested by Chrome Extension are accepted.

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Getting Started with Pause Gmail Inbox

This extension prevents new emails from showing up in your inbox until you’re ready for them. By working interruption-free, you’ll be able to: Reduce your stress Get focussed Increase your productivity Here’s how it works: Install Pause Gmail Inbox Extension To add Pause Gmail Inbox to your gmail account, just go to the Chrome Store, […]

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Getting Started with Auto Follow Up for Gmail

Automated follow up emails and mail merge
Gmail Auto Follow Up is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you follow up with your clients or prospects. Just set up a sequence of emails to send to your prospects over time from your Gmail.

✅ Take advantage of all your opportunities and close more business.
✅ Save time and get more done with automated outreach emails to prospects.
✅ Always be visible to your clients in their inbox.

To find out more about Gmail Auto Follow Up, click here..
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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IT admin: How to manage cloudHQ users

If you’re in charge of overseeing a team on cloudHQ, the admin console offers a centralized hub for user management, including a simple “Users” tab for easy access to team member management. The platform distinguishes between three categories of users, ranging from those whose accounts you can fully access and manage, those whose accounts are beyond your administrative reach, and those who might not have cloudHQ accounts but have their data or accounts managed through the service.

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