Can I automatically save emails to Google Drive without using the Chrome extension?

Yes, you can save emails to Google Drive directly without any Chrome extension. Just go to our website and start the setup. For detailed instructions, click this link: How to save all emails in a label (and sublabels) to Dropbox using cloudHQ wizard

What are the technical limitations and restrictions of "Save emails to Dropbox" product?

The key restriction is that in order to save labels and consistently store emails, you must have IMAP activated, and the label you want to save has to be set to “shown in IMAP”. For more details on limitations, visit this support page.

Can I save all my emails to Dropbox, with each Gmail label becoming a Dropbox folder?

Yes, you can do this.
This system mirrors Gmail’s organizational structure, simplifying both the backup process and the retrieval of specific emails, making it easier to navigate your email backups in the cloud.
Simply choose Backup all emails to Dropbox (organized by labels).

For step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this with cloudHQ wizard, follow this link: How to backup Google Gmail emails to cloud storage – organized by label

Is the 'Save Emails to Dropbox' function, which converts emails to PDF format, capable of incorporating Gmail Notes attached to the emails into the PDF documents stored in Dropbox?

Indeed, the ‘Save Emails to Dropbox’ function, which converts emails into PDF files, encompasses Gmail Notes attached to the email within the resultant PDF file saved in Dropbox. By incorporating Gmail Notes, this feature guarantees that every critical note and annotation is included and maintained in the PDF, offering a comprehensive and detailed documentation of your email communications for convenient retrieval and management in Dropbox.