If you are not a Google Workspace super-admin, then you can distribute purchased licenses to your users via email invites.

The accounts can be added to your cloudHQ team by sending a secure invite to each user. After your user receives their invites, they will be prompted to authorize their cloud accounts.

As soon as they authorize their cloud accounts, you will see users under the Users tab.

Add Users Via Invite

  • Go to the Users tab.
  • Scroll down and click the Add Users buttonAdd users
  • The next page will show the invite dialog. Enter the user’s or users’ email address/es and your private message to the user or users. Add users For example, your messages could look like this:

    Hi Alice,

    This is Bob—your IT manager.

    I have purchased a cloudHQ Premium license and I would like to assign one of these licenses to you.

    Just click the following link and you will be forwarded to the cloudHQ website to create your account and join the team domain:


    After you join our cloudHQ domain, you will be asked to authorize the cloud service e.g. Gmail and install the extension to use the app.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know.


Your user will receive and accept the invite

  • After users receive an email and click the invite link, they will get to the following screen telling them that an admin has asked them to authorize their cloud account. Here, the invited user needs to enter their email address:
    If the user has an existing cloudHQ account, here is what the user will see:
  • If the user does not have a cloudHQ account, cloudHQ will prompt the user to create an account. If a user enters a Google Apps email (i.e., @gmail.com) then cloudHQ will prompt the user to sign up via Google. If a user enters an email that is managed by Microsoft Office365, then cloudHQ will prompt the user to sign up via Microsoft.
    For example, here is a screenshot of what happens if the user’s email is managed by Google G Suite or Google Gmail:
  • In the next step, the user needs to select which cloud accounts to authorize and click “Add Cloud Accounts“:
  • The user will be prompted to authorize cloudHQ to access selected cloud accounts.
  • After users authorize their cloud accounts, an IT admin will see their users’ cloud accounts under the Cloud Accounts tab.