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Here are the steps for how to troubleshoot Box authorization errors:

  1. Verify cloudHQ is Allowed in Box Settings: Firstly, ensure that cloudHQ is allowed in Box settings or that third-party apps aren’t turned off. For help, visit: How to enable cloudHQ (third-party application) in Box Enterprise / Box Business
  2. Check for Proxy/Firewall Blockages: Verify cloudHQ is Allowed in Box Settings: Check if a proxy/firewall in your Box settings is blocking cloudHQ. You may need to add cloudHQ’s IP addresses to your allowlist in Box. For the IPs needed, please contact us at
  3. Investigate Box Shield Policies: Box Shield could be causing issues by blocking third-party integrations like cloudHQ. Look into the Shield Policies in your Box admin console to see if adjustments are needed to let cloudHQ work. If you can, test this without Box Shield active.
  4. Logged into Wrong Box Accounts: You might be logged into a wrong Box. If you’re logged into multiple Box accounts, clear all cookies and then log back into cloudHQ to try again.
  5. Remove cloudHQ app in Box and try again: It’s possible your cloudHQ setup has been disabled. Uninstall cloudHQ from Box and then attempt to authorize it again. Steps to remove a third-party app from Box can be found here: Managing custom apps