As a real estate professional, it’s essential to keep your team aligned on specific properties and ensure that all email communications related to real estate transactions are seamlessly saved to your Google Drive or Google Shared Drive for easy access and collaboration.

cloudHQ Save Emails to Google Drive will ensure that all your email messages which are related to your transactions are automatically saved to Google Drive into appropriate folders. cloudHQ Save Emails to Google Drive will ensure that all email messages related to your transactions are automatically saved in the appropriate Google Drive folders. By monitoring your labels, it will instantly save any emails added to a label directly to Google Drive. Moreover, the creation of sub-labels will automatically generate corresponding folders in your Google Drive.

For optimal organization, we recommend categorizing your emails using two primary labels:


Then you should create sub-labels under ACTIVE PROPERTIES and ARCHIVED PROPERTIES. So your label structure will look like this:


 |    |
 |    |-- 213 Geary Ave
 |    |-- 2342 Judah St
 |    |-- 324 35th Ave
 |    |-- 
 |    |
 |    |-- 9888 Market St
 |    |-- 320 Hayes St
 |    |-- 770 Stanyan St
 |    |-- ...

On the Google Drive side, you need to create also two folders ACTIVE CASES and ARCHIVED CASES.

Then you have to set up two autosaves:

  1. Gmail label ACTIVE PROPERTIES to Google Drive folder ACTIVE PROPERTIES
  2. Gmail label ARCHIVED PROPERTIES to Google Drive folder ARCHIVED PROPERTIES

The instructions on how to set up automatic save of labels are here: How to save all emails in a label (and sublabels) to Google Drive

With the above setup, the emails will *automatically* saved to Google Drive as soon as email messages are added to some of the “ACTIVE PROPERTIES” sub-labels. For example, if an email message is regarding case 213 Geary Ave and you label the email with label ACTIVE PROPERTIES/213 Geary Ave, then cloudHQ will automatically save that email to Google Drive.

In other words, an email will be saved as soon as it is classified/labeled.