To find out more about Save Emails as PDF, click here.
To install Save Emails as PDF, click here.
To start wizard to export emails to PDF, click here.
  1. After the extension is installed, you can configure settings where PDF’s will be saved.
    Click a direct link
    or select the cloudHQ icon in the right upper corner and select Save Emails as PDF -> Go to Dashboard
  2. Click the Manage Settings button:
    chrome extension
  3. These settings are defaults for saving emails to PDF format.
    chrome extension

      You can change the following defaults:

    • Packaging: you can merge all conversations into one PDF or each conversation/message as a spearate PDF
    • Sort email: you can sort emails inside PDF.
    • Paper size and pagination: you can select paper size and whether to add page numbers.
    • Attachments: you can control how to add attachments.
    • Security: you set PDF password protection for your PDFs
    • Compact format: you can remove all quoted text and redundant text from email messages. The generated document will not contain signatures, quotations, page breaks, and other redundant information.
    • Converstation view: This option defines whether all conversations will be in one PDF or not. If you use Gmail conversations, then you should have this option enabled.