You can control how to add attachments. There are two options:

  1. Embed email attachments inside PDF file
    PDF files are capable of hosting a variety of embedded files, including images, additional PDF documents, and more. When this option is enabled, then we will try to embed attachments into PDF. The attachments will be included in your PDF document. For example, if you have an email message which has one PDF attachment, then we will create a PDF document which contains:

    • Email body
    • PDF attachment

    The following attachments can be embedded into PDF:

    • MS Office Word
    • MS Office Excel
    • Image
    • Txt or HTML attachment
    • PDF
  2. Add attachments to ZIP file next to generated PDF file
    When this option is enabled, then attachments will be always added to the ZIP file. For example, if an email message has a photo attachment, then that photo will be added as a separate file (even if the attachment is also embedded inside the PDF with message body).