Can I export my stats to Google Sheets?

Yes – you can export all your Email Tracker tracking stats to a Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be updated in real-time: all new emails are automatically added, all email opens are automatically registered, etc. The reporting spreadsheet looks like this.

Does Email Tracker tracks multiple recipients?

Yes – each of your recipients is tracked separately by Free Email Tracker.

Does Mail Tracker has intelligence to detect that my BCC to my CRM?

Yes – Mail Tracker has the intelligence to detect that blind carbon copy (abbreviated BCC) is to customer relationship management (CRM), so these recipients will not be tracked.

Will Mail Tracker detect that my email is read when I open email by myself?

No – Free Email Tracker has the intelligence to detect that you (the sender) are opening the email. So do not worry – you can open your email.

Can I track scheduled emails?

Yes – you can track scheduled emails using Free Email Tracker. However, it would help if you used Schedule Email. Tracking will not work with Gmail native email scheduler. You can install it from Google Chrome Web Store.

Which apps using email tracker and trigger the tracking spreadsheet?

If emails are sent using Email Tracker or Mailking – Gmail Campaign Manager then emails will be tracked and our spreadsheet will indicate that.

How does Mail Tracker work with Apple Privacy Mail Protection?

Right now, Apple Privacy Mail Protection system works as follows:

  1. When the subscriber’s Apple Mail app starts up, it triggers a download of the email to their device from their email host (e.g., Yahoo or Google).
  2. At random intervals (could be immediately or a couple of days later), Apple downloads all of the images in the email, creating a copy of the images to a new location on the Apple Privacy Cache. A proxy server triggers the download with an IP address assigned to the general region of the subscriber, masking their specific geolocation.
  3. When a user opens the email, it triggers a request to download and display the email’s images, but they come from the Apple Cache. So, the email’s sender won’t see the real open.
    Because of this, email trackers can’t tell who opened your emails, when, and where.

cloudHQ Email Tracker will try to detect the above behavior and ignore all emails opened via Apple Privacy Mail Protection system. We believe you shouldn’t rely on solely on email opens as your sole performance metric.

How can I block that my opens are not tracked?

Email sent by me to some one else through cloudHQ Email Tracker I got notification. How can I fix it?
Email Tracker always remove all tracking information from emails in Sent folder. So even if you open a email response received in your inbox you should not receive any open notifications.
However, if you are still running into problem, then you can install Email Tracker Blocker by cloudHQ.. Explain Tracking Blocker by cloudHQ will ensure that your email opens are never tracked.

How do I know if email tracker is tracking my emails?

If you can see an email tracking icon in the upper right corner of your email, then your emails are tracked. If you do not see the icon, or you see a red error, then please check the troubleshooting procedure here: How to troubleshoot Google Chrome extensions

An example of how an enabled cloudHQ tracking icon looks is here:

My email tracker isn't working – what steps can I take to fix it?

If you’re having trouble with your email tracker not tracking emails, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the email tracker is installed.
  2. Make sure the email tracker is turned on. Click on the email tracker icon in the top-right corner and check if it’s on:
  3. Look at the troubleshooting guide here: How to troubleshoot Google Chrome extensions

Does cloudHQ offer an email tracking extension for the Firefox browser?

No, cloudHQ does not offer any tracking extension available for Firefox at this time.

How can I test Email Tracker the right way?

To test Email Tracker by cloudHQ, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Send your test email to a different email account (tracking won’t work if you send it to yourself).
  2. Open the test email in a browser where you aren’t logged into cloudHQ.
  3. If you’re opening the email on the same computer, wait at least 60 seconds. Our tracker ignores requests from the same computer for 60 seconds.

Does plain text mode in Gmail need to be disabled for Email Tracker to work?

Yes, to ensure the cloudHQ Email Tracker functions properly, plain text mode must be disabled in Gmail. The Email Tracker relies on specific HTML elements to track emails, which are not present in plain text emails. By disabling plain text mode and using the standard rich text or HTML format for your emails, you enable Email Tracker to accurately track opens and other interactions with your emails. This ensures you can fully utilize the tracking features provided by cloudHQ Email Tracker without any limitations.