Can I track scheduled emails?

Yes – you can track scheduled emails. However, you need to use cloudHQ Email Scheduler. Tracking will not work with Gmail native email scheduler. You can install it from Google Chrome Web Store.

Does Email Tracker tracks multiple recipients?

Yes – each of your recipients is tracked separately.

Does Mail Tracker has intelligence to detect that my BCC to my CRM?

Yes – Mail Tracker has the intelligence to detect that BCC is to CRM so these recipients will not be tracked.

Will Mail Tracker detect that my email is read when I open email by myself?

No – Mail Tracker has the intelligence to detect that you (the sender) are opening the email. So do not worry – you can open your own email.

Can I export my stats to Google Sheets?

Yes – you can export all your tracking stats to a Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be updated in real time: all new emails are automatically added, all email opens are automatically registered, etc. The spreadsheet look like this.

How does Mail Tracker work with Apple Privacy Mail Protection?

Right now, Apple Privacy Mail Protection system works as follows:

  1. When the subscriber’s Apple Mail app starts up, it triggers a download of the email to their device from their email host (e.g., Yahoo or Google).
  2. At reandom intervals (could be immediately or could be a couple of days later), Apple downloads all of the images in the email, creating a copy of the images to a new location on the Apple Privacy Cache. The download is triggered by a proxy server with an IP address assigned to the general region of the subscriber, masking their specific geolocation.
  3. When a user actually opens the email, it triggers a request to download and display the email’s images, but they are coming from the Apple Cache. So, the sender of the email really won’t see the real open.
    Because of this, email trackers can’t tell who opened your emails, when, and where.

cloudHQ will try to detect the above and ignore all emails opened via Apple Privacy Mail Protection system.
We believe you shouldn’t rely on solely on email opens as your sole performance metric.