Should you come across problems while installing the cloudHQ app on your Google Workspace, here are a few typical setup problems and steps to troubleshoot/solutions.

  1. Not a super admin
  2. Google Workspace Administrative API disabled
  3. Logged into multiple accounts
  4. Workspace organization units or groups install
  5. Corrupted Google Chrome cookies
  6. Redirect or popup blocking
  7. Contact Support

  1. Not a super admin: Ensure that you are a Google Workspace super admin. Refer to the instructions here. Ensure that you’re logged into Google Workspace as a super admin:
    1. Go to
    2. Verify that you are logged into Google as a Google Workspace super admin
  2. Google Workspace Administrative API disabled: Ensure that Google Workspace Administrative API is enabled for your domain. You can find the instructions here.
  3. Logged into multiple accounts: Ensure that you’re logged out of all other Google Workspace and Gmail accounts. This is necessary due to the Google Workspace Marketplace’s requirements:
    1. Visit
    2. In the top right, click on your profile picture or initial.
    3. If you notice you’re logged into multiple Google accounts, select Sign out of all accounts.
  4. Workspace organization install: The issue might be that you’re attempting to install cloudHQ on a Workspace organization that you’re not part of. For installation on a specific Workspace organization (not for all users), then the super admin must be a member of that particular organization.
  5. Corrupted Google Chrome cookies: Sometimes, the problem may stem from corrupted Google Chrome cookies or being logged into multiple Google accounts. Try to perform the installation procedure in a Google Chrome incognito window.
  6. Redirect or popup blocking: Try installing cloudHQ directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace. The cloudHQ application can be found here:
  7. If nothing works, email us at and we will assist you. You can also set up a Zoom support call here: