Here are the steps for how to troubleshoot Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint and authorization errors:

  1. One of the most common problems with Office SharePoint or OneDrive is that user have two-factor authentication enabled. That might cause that authorization process fails. The workaround is to disable two-factor authentication and try again:
    1. Go to Office 365 admin console and disable two-factor authentication
    2. Go back to cloudHQ and retry the authorization
    3. Go to Office 365 admin console and enable two-factor authentication
  2. It could be that your OneDrive account or SharePoint is not fully provisioned. Check that your OneDrive Business account is fully provisioned. Go to to verify that your OneDrive is fully provisioned.
  3. It could be that you are logged in into two different OneDrive Business accounts. Delete *all* cookies, then log into cloudHQ and try again.
  4. It might be that your cloudHQ installation is disabled. To check, deinstall cloudHQ from Office 365, then try to authorize again:
    • Go to the My Apps section of the Office 365 admin panel. A direct link should be
    • Remove all cloudHQ applications.
    • Delete all cookies.
    • Sign in again to Office 365 and cloudHQ in a fresh browser session.
    • Try to authorize OneDrive Business or SharEPoint again.
  5. The problem could be that Office 365 is configured not allow 3rd-party applications to be installed. To check that, your Office 365 admin needs to do the following:
    • Select Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > Consent and permissions > User consent settings.
    • Under User consent for applications, select Allow user consent for apps
    • Select Save to save your settings.

For further reference, please visit Application Access in Microsoft Azure.