Here are instructions for how to integrate multiple Office 365 Mail accounts with their Dropbox non-business accounts sync pairs. It will look like this:

Office365 Mail (   -> Dropbox ( Mail
Office365 Mail ( -> Dropbox ( Mail

The above will automatically convert and upload all emails matching given rules to an Office 365 Mail folder in a user’s Dropbox account.

Office 365 preparation:

Authorize cloudHQ to access your Office 365 domain

Set up a sync pair from Office365 Mail to Dropbox

  • Go to
    Google Apps
  • Click the Office 365 icon:
  • Click the Office 365 Mail icon:
  • Select needed options and rules:
  • Select users:
  • Click the Dropbox icon:
    Integration with cloudHQ
  • Users will receive a notification to authorize their Dropbox Premium accounts.
  • As soon as users authorize their accounts, the sync will start.