To integrate Google Apps Drive accounts with your Egnyte install, we suggest creating sync pairs like this:

Google Drive (    <-> Egnyte ( Drive
Google Drive (  <-> Egnyte ( Drive

The above will sync a dedicated Egnyte folder called “Google Drive” with a user’s Google Drive account.

Egnyte preparation

  • Ensure that you are an Egnyte admin:
    Egnyte folder
  • For each of your users, create a folder that will be synced with each user’s Google Drive account. For example, you can name that folder “Google Drive”:
    Egnyte folder

Google Apps preparation

Authorize cloudHQ to access your Egnyte

  • Click the Egnyte icon:
    Egnyte icon
  • Input Account name and click “Add Egnyte” to authorize your Egnyte account:
    Egnyte Account
    Here is how to determine your Egnyte account name:
    Egnyte Account
  • If you click “Add Egnyte,” you will be forwarded to authorize cloudHQ to access your Egnyte account:
    Egnyte authorization

Authorize cloudHQ to access your Google Apps domain

Start the cloudHQ wizard to create integration sync pairs

You will need to run this sync wizard for each Google Apps user who needs to have their Google Drive integrated with Egnyte.

  1. Go to Sync wizard (url:
  2. Select one of the already-configured Google Drive accounts (you should see all your Google Apps users since you have already authorized Google Apps):Synchronization_Wizard_-_cloudHQ
  3. Select what to sync for Google Drive and click “Next”:Google Drive
  4. Since you have already authorized your Egnyte account, click on “Select” next to your Egnyte account:
  5. Select a folder to sync with Egnyte and click “Select”:
    Egnyte folder
    Egnyte folder
  6. Select options. Synchronization will start automatically:
    Egnyte folder
  7. Your synchronization pair will display after successful configuration.
  8. Here is How to Monitor Status of Sync.