Meeting Scheduler has two types of invites:

Invites created while composing emails

These are Meeting Scheduler invites you can generate while composing the email which is unique for that email. The meeting availability for these invites can be customized per email. For example, “let’s meet for a coffee”, “here is my availability for this phone call”, “I’m in the city only in the afternoons so let’s meet for dinner”, etc.

This is intuitively connected to the email message you are composing, you should not copy this invite link and use it somewhere else.

The instructions on how to create this are here. A short video explaining how this works in the real world is here.

“Book Me” links

You can also configure the “Book me” link. This link is not unique. You can add this link to your LinkedIn profile or your website. This is your “public” availability. Settings in “book me” link will not affect invite links created while composing emails – this is your “public” availability.

The settings you specify for the “book me” link has no influence on your unique invites (the one you create per email).

Here are short instructions on how to set up “Book me” link: Setup Book Me link.

For both types, make sure that your busy schedule are marked as busy in your main Google calendar: marked busy in Google Calendar