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To install Email Zoom Text Reader, click here.

Email Zoom Text Reader is free for anyone using Gmail™ or an email account hosted by Google Workspace. This service includes:

  • Resizing of text in Gmail
  • Zoom In or Zoom Out Text Reader
  • You can scroll vertically and not horizontally
  • Your text Zoom settings are saved

To zoom in on email text, simply click the Email Zoom icon:

Below are instructions for installing the extension and how to personalize it.

How to Install Chrome Extension

  1. Install the cloudHQ Chrome browser extension Email Zoom Text Reader from this location:
    chrome extension
  2. Add the extension to Chrome:
    chrome extension
  3. Once installed in Gmail, you will notice the ‘Email Zoom Text Reader’ icon on the upper right-hand side of the email screen. You can easily zoom in or zoom out on a sliding scale:
    chrome extension