Setting up a Google Alert is remarkably easy and gives you free email alerts about any keyword in Google Search results that you might want to monitor. Let’s go through each step.

Step 1: Visit the Google Alerts Website

Go to Google Alerts. There, you’ll see a text box area where you can enter any kind of keyword that shows up in Google search results.

Step 2: Keywords

Enter your keyword(s). If you don’t already have a Google Alert with your name, that’s probably the best first place to start, so enter that.

Step 3: Create Your Google Alert

Click on “Create Alert,” and you’re done!

Now, every time your keyword(s) is (are) mentioned online, you’ll get a “Google Alerts” email that shows you the content that mentioned your keyword(s). You can organize as many keywords as you want, and your Google Alerts will always be an unlimited, free-for-life service that Google provides you with.

If you want to have all of your Google Alerts in an organized spreadsheet report, you can get it with Export Emails to Google Sheets. It’s free. Just select the 6th wizard, “Google Alerts,” as explained in this support note.

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