Legal email collection and Save Emails as PDF / Export Emails to Sheets

One of the challenges is the collection and producing email evidence to use in criminal litigation or civil litigation.

It is very important that email evidence are collected and packaged in a lawful, repeatable, and defensible manner. If they are not, they may not be admissible in court. Export Emails to Sheets by cloudHQ and Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ are two cloudHQ app that can collect emails and create PDF documents admissible as a legal document or evidence in courts.

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Use case: Automatically find all bounced email messages and parse them (‘Delivery Status Notification’, ‘failure notice’, etc.)

The Export Emails to Google Sheets application offers a unique Automatic Bounced Email Detection feature, that identifies and records invalid email addresses in real-time to a Google Sheet. This feature boosts the success rate of your email campaigns and sender reputation by eliminating bounced emails from your lists, making it a vital tool for small businesses and individuals running email marketing campaigns.

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