To learn more about the ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ, visit the ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ website.
To install the extension, choose your browser from the links below:

Requirements for image generation via ChatGTP for Gmail

  1. You must select GPT-4 in ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ settings (you can access settings by clicking on the ChatGPT for Gmail icon in the upper right corner of your browser).
  2. You must not use OpenAI keys.

How to configure ChatGPT for Gmail to use GTP-4

  1. Click on the extension button in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser and select chatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ. You can find the button location illustrated here:
  2. Once you’ve accessed the settings, ensure the extension is set to use GPT-4, which is the latest OpenAI model with enhanced language capabilities.Keep in mind that changing the AI model to GPT-4 is an option exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
  3. Go back to your Gmail and write something like this “@chatgpt create an image of a skier” and press Enter key