Can I add a survey or poll to my Gmail signature?

Yes – you can do that. Please check the following support note.

Can I export all my responses to my Google spreadsheet?

Yes – that is possible. Please check the following support note on how to add poll or survey to your email signature.

Is the spreadsheet with my responses continuously updated?

Yes – as soon as a new response is recorded, the spreadsheet will be updated.

Are multi-question surveys available in cloudHQ?

Yes, multi-question surveys are available through cloudHQ by using the MailKing feature. MailKing allows users to create and send out surveys with multiple questions directly via email. This feature can be utilized to gather feedback, conduct research, or understand customer preferences more effectively. For detailed instructions on how to set up and send multi-question surveys with MailKing, you can visit the cloudHQ support page at How to Send Polls and Survey via MailKing

My survey emails are not properly formated. How to trouble shoot that?

If your survey emails aren’t displaying images and links correctly, it might be because they were sent as plain text emails without HTML formatting in Gmail. To fix this, go to Gmail and open a new email window. Then, click on the small arrow in the window’s toolbar and make sure “Plain Text Mode” is not selected. Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it:

How can I collect email addresses from participants based on the results of online polls and surveys?

While email addresses aren’t directly available in polls and surveys, the MailKing campaign manager from cloudHQ enables the sending of poll and survey campaigns, as outlined in the article on how to send polls and survey via MailKing. Therefore, we suggest using MailKing for that purpose. By using MailKing, you will obtain all email addresses and all necessary statistics.

How can a user add email address when filling out an online poll or survey?

A user email address will be registered only if the poll or survey is sent using the MailKing campaign manager as outlined in the article on how to send polls and survey via MailKing.