NOTE: If you are looking to install the MailKing Chrome extension, please read Getting started with MailKing.

With the MailKing, you can send polls/surveys campaigns. The benefits of sending polls/survey campaigns via MailKing instead of directly from Google Gmail are the following:

  • Poll responses are automatically linked to the recipient’s email address. This means that users will not need to enter their email – we will automatically detect which recipient clicked on the poll.
  • The results of your poll and survey are automatically added to a Google spreadsheet which is generated as a report of the campaign. So in one spreadsheet, you will have tracking info, stats, and all your poll responses.

Here is how to add polls/surveys to a MailKing campaign:

  1. Click the MailKing icon in your Apps Dashboard:
  2. Create a new campaign:
  3. Drag the Polls icon into your email: