How many emails can I export with the Premium Plan?

With the Premium Plan for Export Emails to Google Docs, you can export, and save an unlimited number of email messages.

Can you save all my email correspondence (email exchange) with a certain person using Export Emails to Google Docs?

Yes – you can save all your email correspondence (email exchange or communication) with a certain person using Export Emails to Google Docs. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Can Export Emails to Google Docs create documents admissible as a legal document / evidence in courts?

Yes. In almost all legal offices storing or sharing of legal documents should be done as PDF files only. PDF documents of emails created by Export Emails to Google Docs are admissible as legal documents in courts.

Can I automate the export of my emails so that new emails will automatically be added to my document?

When you setup export of emails in a label or emails matching Gmail search, the export process will continuously update document. That means that when emails come in or go out of your Gmail, the document will be updated automatically.

Can I modify the Google docs created by the export?