What is Box?

Box is a storage and file-sharing service for businesses. Users can determine how their content can be shared with other users.

Is cloudHQ authorized as a third-party application by Box?

Yes, cloudHQ is authorized as third-party application by Box! Here’s a link: https://app.box.com/services/cloudhq/.

How do I enable cloudHQ (third-party application) in Box Enterprise?

For brief instructions on how to enable cloudHQ (or any third-party application) in Box Enterprise, follow this link:

I have problem authorizing Box. How can I troubleshoot it?

If you’re having issues authorizing Box, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure cloudHQ is allowed and turned on in your Box account. For help, check out How to enable cloudHQ (third-party application) in Box Enterprise.
  2. Box Shield might be causing the problem. It may have rules that block actions, including using cloudHQ. Look at the Shield Rules in your Box admin area to see if any rules are stopping cloudHQ from working. You may need to change these rules or turn off Shield to get cloudHQ working.
  3. You might also need to add cloudHQ’s IP addresses to a whitelist in your Box settings and any proxy or firewall you’re using. This makes sure cloudHQ’s requests aren’t blocked by your network security.