Getting Started with Email Tracker

Track your Know when your emails are opened in real-time. Our email tracker software is extremely easy to use, and gives you all of the following features where you’ll have:

✔️ An email tracking dashboard
✔️ SMS, desktop, and email notifications when your email is read
✔️ Reminders if your email goes unopened after 48 hours
✔️ Link tracking
✔️ Email tracking removal options for personal emails you don’t want tracked

To find out more about Email Tracker, click here.
To install Email Tracker, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.

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Testing Email Tracker with another email account of mine

Email tracking will not trigger read notification if a test email is sent and opened in the same Google Chrome browser. So, if you send a test email message from your email account to another account of yours in the same Google Chrome browser, your test won’t work. Free Email Tracker has the intelligence to […]

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How can I access Email Tracker dashboard?

The Free Email Tracker dashboard is a cloudHQ web page where you can see whether someone has clicked the links on your message. To access the dashboard click on the cloudHQ icon that should now appear in the top righthand corner of your Gmail. Here is what you should see in cloudHQ icon: To access […]

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Does Email Tracker work in plain-text mode?

Since our tracking is image-based, you will not be able to use Free Email Tracker in plain-text mode. Plain-text mode strips all formatting and images, thus disabling our tracking pixel. If you would like to switch from plain text to rich text formatting in Gmail, open up a new compose window, click on the down […]

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How do I remove the “Powered by cloudHQ” signature from my emails?

Free Email Tracker is 100% free solution which includes almost all features (unlimited email tracking, SMS notifications, dashboard, etc.) at no cost. NOTE: If you upgrade to our paid plan then our signature will be always removed. In order to promote our free version and help our business become more sustainable, we ask our users […]

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How to disable SMS notification for individual messages

cloudHQ Free Email Tracker can notify you via SMS as soon as your email is opened by the recipient. However, you might not want to receive SMS notification for certain email and Free Email Tracker has an option for that. To disable SMS notification for a single email, click on disable SMS notification link inside […]

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