How do I install the extension?

To install the extension, visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the “Save Emails to Microsoft OneNote” extension. Click on “Add to Chrome” to install.

Can I save multiple emails at once to OneNote?

Yes, you can save multiple emails at once. Use the extension’s bulk save feature to select and save multiple emails directly to OneNote.

What types of content can be saved to OneNote?

You can save the entire email content including attachments to OneNote. This makes it easier to store and organize your information.

How do I ensure my data privacy with this extension?

CloudHQ ensures your data privacy by adhering to strict data handling policies. For more detailed information, visit How cloudHQ Handles Privacy of Data.

Is the extension compatible with other email services apart from Gmail?

Currently, the “Save Emails to Microsoft OneNote” extension is specifically designed for Gmail. Integration with other email services is not supported at this time.